Tarpaflex Army Camo Camouflage Tarpaulins

  • £2.95

Our army camouflage tarpaulins have camo printing on one side and are dark green on the other - ideal for camping, fishing, children's dens, hunting, paintball, outdoor pursuits and discreetly covering items outside.

The 80gsm army camo tarpaulins are an economy grade lightweight tarp that comes with 12mm aluminium eyelets at 1 metre intervals in reinforced hems, and remain flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. Our camo tarps are not only waterproof but also UV protected, rotproof and shrinkproof.

(Images are for illustrative purposes only; colours and tarpaulin fittings (eg. eyelets, corner reinforcements) may vary as stock is sourced from multiple suppliers.

Please Note: All our tarpaulin sizes are 'cut sizes' which is industry standard terminology for the size of the material before it is fabricated into a tarpaulin. Therefore the 'finished' size can be up to 30 cms shorter on medium and large sizes and approx 10-15cms on small sizes. Please be aware most tarps will have a seam as they are fabricated by heat sealing several pieces of polyethylene together.